The first Accounting Research Workshop was in 1998. Since 2001, the ARW takes place biannually in exchange with its sister conference, the Workshop on Accounting and Economics (https://www.eiasm.org/frontoffice/event_announcement.asp?event_id=1495).

Ever since, the ARW witnessed numerous presentations of papers that later were published in leading journals such as the Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, European Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Review of Accounting Studies, Journal of Accounting Research, or Management Science.

We would also like to thank our previous keynote speakers:

Tim Baldenius (NYU, 7th ARW 2011),
Stanley Baiman (University of Pennsylvania, 6th ARW 2009),
Rajiv Banker (Temple University, 4th ARW 2005),
Jeremy Bertomeu (UC San Diego, 11th ARW 2019),
Judson Caskey (UCLA, 12th ARW 2021),
John Core (University of Pennsylvania, 6th ARW 2009),
Peter Ove Christensen (University of Aarhus, 8th ARW 2013),
Ron Dye (Northwestern, 3rd ARW 2003),
Eti Einhorn (Tel Aviv University, 13th ARW 2023),
Frank Gigler (Minnesota, 9th ARW 2015),
Jon Glover (Carnegie Mellon, 4th ARW 2005),
Ilan Guttman (NYU, 10th ARW 2017),
Mirko Heinle (University of Pennsylvania, 12th ARW 2021),
Thomas Hemmer (Rice University, 2nd ARW 2001 & 9th ARW 2015),
Jack Hughes (UCLA, 7th ARW 2011),
Volker Laux (University of Texas at Austin, 11th ARW 2019),
Christian Leuz (Chicago, 6th ARW 2007),
Nahum Melumad (Columbia, 3rd ARW 2003),
Stefan Reichelstein (Stanford, 1st ARW 1998, 2nd ARW 2001),
Phil Stocken (Dartmouth College, 8th ARW 2013),
Daniel Taylor (University of Pennsylvania, 13th ARW 2023),
Ro Verrecchia (University of Pennsylvania, 6th ARW 2007),
Alfred Wagenhofer (Universit├Ąt Graz, 10th ARW 2017).