From the airport to the city center

By public transportation:

  • Trains (every 10-15 min) to the city center: Zurich HB (main station) – departure usually from platform 3/4, rarely platform 1, duration: 10 min
  • Tram Nr. 10, direction: Zurich Bahnhofplatz/HB, duration: 35 min
  • Tickets for unlimited usage in the fare zones 110 and 121: 1 hour CHF 6.80, 24 hours CHF 13.60 (full price without Swiss half-fare travelcard, 2nd class in trains)

By taxi/cab:

  • Fare to the city center about CHF 50-60; duration 20-40 minutes depending on traffic (distance arround 10.5 kilometers/6.5 miles)

From the main station to the hotels

Hotel St. Josef, Hotel Marta and Hotel du Théâtre are located in walking distance from Zurich main station (6-7 minutes).

To Hotel Plattenhof take tram line no. 6 from “Bahnhofstrasse/HB” to “Platte” (timetable and map). To Hotel Swiss Night by Fassbind take tram line no. 3 or trolleybus no. 31 from “Bahnhofplatz/HB” to “Kunsthaus” (timetable and map). All tickets for fare zone 110 are valid, in particular also those bougth for the transfer from the airport. Short distance tickets for CHF 2.70 (full price) available, but usually only needed if you arrive by train with long-distance or international tickets.

More information and detailed schedule:

Timetable Airport => Zurich HB

Hotel Recommendations (Workshop hotels)

The following hotels offer special prices and contingents for the ARW 2019. In order to benefit from the special offer, please book directly via e-mail or telephone and refer to the ‘11th Accounting Research Workshop’ . Since rooms and contingents are limited, we recommend booking at an early stage. All hotels are located centrally and very close to University buildings and all conference venues.

Mail and Website


Prices per room and night (valid for direct bookings until April 30th)

Hotel St. Josef

+41 44 250 57 57
CHF 172.50 (1 pers.)
CHF 225 (2 pers.)
incl. breakfast, free wifi and city tax


Hotel Marta

+41 44 269 95 95
CHF 165 (single room)
CHF 190 (double room)
incl. breakfast and free wifi (+2.50 city tax pppn)


Hotel du Théâtre


+41 44 267 26 70
CHF 190 (single room)
CHF 220 (double room)
incl. free wifi (+2.50 service fee pppn, optional full breakfast +20 pp or coffee/croissant +4.90 pp)
Hotel Plattenhof

+41 44 251 19 10
CHF 215 (double small, 1 pers.)
CHF 235 (double medium, 1 pers.)
CHF 245 (double small, 2 pers.)
CHF 265 (double medium, 2 pers.)
incl. breakfast and free wifi (+2.50 city tax pppn)
Hotel Swiss Night

by Fassbind


+41 44 512 49 99
CHF 190 (single room)
CHF 220 (double room)
incl. free wifi (+2.50 service fee pppn, optional breakfast +20 pp)

Keyword: ‘11th Accounting Research Workshop’

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Further Hotel Recommendations

The Hotel Florhof is a small premium resort in the immediate surroundings of the conference venue (less than 100 meters). If you are interested, please book individually at the daily rate depending on availability.

For the Hotel Züri in the trendy district area “Kreis 5” (around 3 kilometers away, 20 minutes by public transport) we can issue a 15% promotion code for individual online reservations on request, if interested please contact the organizers by email at managerial.accounting[at]